What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my photo shoot?

No problem we will rearrange at no extra cost to you – my photography relies on reasonably bright, calm weather as all my work is outside using soft natural light.

My dog isn’t well behaved, will it matter?

Not at all – I have met all sorts of dogs with all sorts of personalities so please do not worry.  My first concern is the safety and welfare of your dog so if for example your dog is no to bet trusted off the lead we can work around this by keeping him on leash.  Also if your dog is high energy we will embrace that and capture them moving around – its all about assessing your dogs limits and ensuring they enjoy the photo session.

Can I bring other dogs with me?

I offer for all my packages 2 x dogs from the same family. This means those two dogs are used to each other therefore not causing any upset or distraction.  If new dogs are around each other at the shoot it can make it difficult to get each dog to focus.

Can I be in the photo’s too?

Yes of course – just let me know in advance so that we can plan the location accordingly, along with your choice of clothing.

How do I prepare for the photoshoot?

Its ideal if your dog has a nice bath and brush beforehand and if they have lots of hair around their eyes I do ask that this is brushed and cleaned as the eyes are the window to the soul and I need to see them!! I carry a brush, towel, safety grooming scissors with me so we should be ok in an emergency. Also think about the collar your dog is wearing and if its your favourite or if you have a bandana you might want them to wear.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes – my most popular package for a gift voucher is the ‘De-Luxe’ as it comes with 6 x prints of all different dimensions up to & including 11″ x 14″.

How far can you travel for a photo shoot?

I travel anywhere in the UK although there is surcharge depending on how far I will have to go – we can discuss this and come to an amicable agreement.